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What Are The Towing Laws In Las Vegas

Discover towing laws in Las Vegas: Know your rights, fees, and procedures. Stay informed to avoid unexpected impounds and ensure a hassle-free experience.

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You have an impounded car in Nevada or want to be an informed vehicle owner. No matter which one, this article will educate you on the laws of towing a vehicle and towing company in Nevada.

When Can a Vehicle Be Towed In Las Vegas, NV

Illegal Parking

Car owners who park their vehicles in no-parking zones, including in front of a fire hydrant, in handicapped spaces without a permit, or in front of a fire lane, can be subjected to a parking violation and towed.

Abandoned Vehicle

If a vehicle is left unattended for an extended period, usually 1-2 days, it will be considered an abandoned car and towed, whether it's illegally parked or using public parking.

Private Property Towing

A Property owner or manager can tow vehicles off private property without permission. This can occur in residential complexes, apartment complexes, and other areas where unauthorized parking is a concern.

Local Law Enforcement Impoundment

A law enforcement agency may impound a vehicle during a DUI arrest, or the vehicle is involved in a car accident.

Safety Concern

If a vehicle poses a risk to public safety, which can obstruct traffic flow and create hazards, the vehicle can be towed to avoid any possible accidents.

How To Get Your Car Back From a Towing Company

The LVMPD does not have a dedicated impound lot, so you'll need to find your vehicle at one of the three main tow company lots, which are:

If your vehicle was directed to be towed by a local law enforcement agency, call 311 (the Non-emergency police number) or visit the LVMPD website.

What To Know When Getting Your Vehicle From Tow Companies

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When going to the storage yard to retrieve your vehicle, there are a couple of things you should be aware of which are:

Retrieving Necessary Information

Before you go to the impound company holding your vehicle, ensure you have essential documents such as your driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of ownership (legal title).

Take Care of Any Outstanding Issues

Any issues that led to your vehicle's towing should be handled before going to one of the primary impound lots.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you leave the tow company lot, inspect your vehicle up and down for any possible damages your vehicle sustained during the towing and impounding process.

If damage is found on your car, document it and contact a car accident attorney.

Impound and Storage Fees

Base towing fees could be around $50 to $150; this includes hooking the vehicle and towing it to the impound lot.

Storage fees can range from $20 to $50 per day. The exact amount depends on towing company policies, so make sure to check them.

In addition, when the towing company notifies the registered owner that their vehicle has been towed, they have 21 days to pick it up if the car was involved in a car accident or 15 days for all other situations.

What If You Can't Pay Impound Fees

If you can't pay the daily fees for your vehicle, the towing company may have the right to sell or auction your car after a certain amount of missed impound and storage fees.

Usually, this is done to recover the impound fees, but some money may be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

Do You Still Pay Impound Fees If Your Car Was Towed Due To a Car Accident

A towing company may still charge daily fees for the storage of your vehicle.

However, your insurance policy may cover the cost of towing and impounding, or if you file a personal injury claim and win, you could get a settlement that covers the costs.

Can My Vehicle Be Towed Without Warning

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In Nevada, vehicles can be towed with a warning. Some of the common situations where this occurs are:

  • Illegal parking - If a vehicle is not parked in an authorized parking facility, a tow car operator who is subject to the jurisdiction of the Nevada transportation authority can tow the car without warning under NRS 487.

  • Expired Registration - Vehicles with an expired registration can be subjected to towing without warning under Nevada law.

  • Private Property Towing - A property owner can remove any vehicle parked on their private property without notice.

When Can My Vehicle Not Be Towed Without Notice

In certain situations, a vehicle cannot be towed without proper notice, and failure to notify the car's owner could result in unlawful towing.

  • Residential Parking - In a residential area, there is a requirement to provide a notice to the vehicle owner that they could face towing if they do not move. This notice can be as little as a sticker affixed to the windshield.

  • Public Parking Lot - In a public parking lot, if, for some reason, a vehicle is subject to towing, the owner must be notified via a sign or prior notice.

  • Disabled Vehicle - If a vehicle is inoperable due to a mechanical breakdown, the tow car operator must provide prior notice or provide proof that permission was given before towing the vehicle.

Your Rights As a Vehicle Owner

During the towing process, you have a right to fair treatment and your personal property. Common rights you have during towing are:

  • Documentation - Towing companies are required to provide documentation related to the towing, which can include the reason for the towing, the condition of the vehicle, and the destination of the towed vehicle.

  • Access to Personal Belongings - Vehicle owners have the right to retrieve all personal items they have lawful possession of before their vehicle is towed.

  • Clear Signage - If an area is restricted to parking, a sign in plain view must indicate this.

  • Prompt Return of Vehicle - Once an owner of a towed car pays the last fee, they should expect prompt release of their vehicle; delays can result in legal action.

What To Do If Your Car Was Unlawful Towed

If you suspect that unlawful towing took place, you should:

  • Document the Scene

  • Check if a sign shows any parking restrictions

  • Contact the towing company

  • Contact Law enforcement

  • Take Legal Action

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