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Is Lane Splitting Legal In Las Vegas

Unlock the legality of lane splitting in Las Vegas. Drive confidently with our guide—essential insights for responsible road navigation.

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Lane splitting is an easier and faster way to get around Nevada as a motorcycle driver but also an easier and faster way to get a ticket. For motorcycle drivers, this supposed quick way of travel can end in a fine or even injuries.

It's important for motorcycle riders to understand that lane splitting is illegal in Nevada under NRS-486 and dangerous for motorcycle riders and other drivers. This article covers the punishments for splitting lanes and the possible sustained injuries that could occur while splitting lanes.

Penalties For Lane Splitting In Nevada

Nevada motorcycle laws prohibit lane splitting, and if an enforcement officer catches a motorcycle rider lane splitting, the base fine will be $190.

However, the fine can increase based on factors like whether the rider was over the posted speed limit or caused damage to another driver.

Multiple Lane Splitting Offences

If a motorcycle operator is caught lane splitting multiple times, they risk losing or having their class m license suspended, higher fines, and possible criminal penalties.

Repeat offenders also higher their risk of getting into motorcycle accidents.

Dangers While Lane Splitting

One reason that only one US state has lane splitting legal may be due to the dangers lane splitting leads to. Some of the concerns associated with lane splitting are:

Visibility Issues

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Even though motorcycle operators have a clear line of sight between cars while splitting lanes, other motor vehicles may not see the rider due to the motorcyclist passing through their blind spot.

Due to this visibility issue, stationary vehicles can be dangerous to a lane-splitting motorcycle. If a passenger or driver takes their hand out the window or opens the door, a serious injury can occur.

Lane Changes

Car drivers may not expect or see a motorcycle passing between lanes and begin changing lanes, which could result in the car being in the motorcycle's path, resulting in a motorcycle accident.

Limited Safe Zones

If chaos erupts on the roads or a car unexpectedly moves into the same traffic lane as a motorcycle lane splitting, the motorcyclist will have limited to no space to maneuver to safety due to surrounding traffic.

Uneven and Bumpy Roads

Driving on two wheels is already a challenge that becomes increasingly more challenging and dangerous when lane-splitting as the middle of the lane may prove to be uneven, causing a motorcyclist to lose control or hit others in a traffic jam.

Road Rage

Although not the motorcyclist's fault, lane splitting may evoke aggressive behavior from a driver in a traffic lane. Even though the driver will be held responsible for their actions, the motorcyclist will still suffer an unnecessary cost.

Statistics On Lane Splitting

Lane splitters crash into the backs of other vehicles about (16% to 38%) of the time but receive less injury to the head, neck, and torse about (9% to 17%) of the time and are less likely to be in a fatal motorcycle accident about (1% to 3%) of the time.

Even though injuries received in a lane-splitting accident are statistically less than in-lane motorcycle accidents, it does not mean you should partake in it, as you could go against the statistics if you get into an accident.

What Is The Law on Other Lane Maneuvers

Even though lane splitting is illegal in Nevada, what does Nevada law say about other lane maneuvers like lane filtering or lane sharing?

Lane Filtering

Lane filtering is an almost more advanced technique of lane splitting, as it usually consists of the motorcycle rider weaving in and out of traffic lanes and is mostly done in heavy traffic.

Like lane splitting, lane filtering is illegal and can even be considered more dangerous than lane splitting.

Lane Sharing

Motorcyclists can ride side by side with each other in the same lane if constant is given. However, it has to be two motorcycles, not one car and motorcycle. Additionally

How Could a Lane Splitting Affect Your Claim?

In the event that a motorcycle accident occurs while lane splitting, there could be an effect on your accident claim, which could include:


Lane-splitting laws in Nevada prohibit it, and if you're involved in an accident, you may be fully or partly responsible for the accident. The extent of responsibility may depend on factors like speed, visibility of the other driver, and if there were multiple parties.

Insurance Claim

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If you were involved in a line-splitting accident and you are looking to file an insurance claim, you'll have a more challenging time getting the desired result you want due to failing safe riding practices.

Especially if your state law prohibits lane-splitting, you could miss out on coverage for medical expenses, property damage, and even the ability to recover compensation.

Public Bias

If you went through the claims process after your motorcycle accident and failed to reach a settlement, your case will be taken to court.

If presented in front of a jury, you can expect lane splitting to carry a negative perception across the jury, lessening your odds of receiving compensation.

Argument For & Against Lane Splitting


Traffic Congestion Reduction: If a motorcyclist splits lanes, it may be able to help alleviate traffic congestion by making more room for other vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency: Instead of motorcycles idling in traffic, they will be able to get to their destination.

Cooling For Motorcycles: If a motorcycle is air-cooled, lane splitting will maintain a consistent airflow that will prevent overheating.


Safety Concerns: Driving between two lanes increases the risk of accidents, especially if traffic is moving or heavily congested.

Accountability: If the motorcyclist is involved in an accident, they will be held at fault for the accident and punished for breaking the law.

Driver Aggression: Lane splitting may cause strong reactions in other drivers, which can lead to hostile interactions and other dangerous situations.

What To Do If You're Involved In a Lane Splitting Accident

If you were involved in a lane-splitting crash in Nevada, Las Vegas, we insist that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If you're looking for a Nevada attorney with 20+ years of experience, call (702) 566-3600 for a free consultation.

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